Having A Perfect HALLOWEEN Party

There’s two kinds of people in this world. Those that will oblige their holiday loving friends, throw some pumpkins and maybe a few mums on their porch and might even get in on the fun and wear a costume to the party. Then there are those who have pumpkin spice flowing through their veins. Those who have already hit Parker Party America a few times to get just one more spooky decoration for the Halloween landscape on their lawn and have been planning the perfect costume for their killer Halloween party for months.

Okay, maybe there’s more than two kinds of people when it comes to all things Halloween, but no matter if you’ve been planning your party for weeks or you decide to get some friends together at the last minute, there’s some simple things you can do to make a killer Halloween get-together, and you can get almost every single thing you need in the aisles of Party America, right here in town!

First, for your “Horror-able” Décor. Be sure to decorate any areas that guests will be spending time, whether it’s the front porch, back deck or anywhere in between. Don’t worry, filling the space isn’t as scary as it sounds. Go straight to the balloons at Party America, grab some orange and white balloons (which they will fill with helium and tie with matching strings too!) Use a sharpie to add jack-o-lantern or ghost faces to them for spooktakular centerpieces or accents in the room. You can also get some black tulle, cover your larger helium balloons, and gather the tulle at the bottom for a spookier effect.

Once you have your décor set, you’ll want to take pictures of your family and friends to post, grab a backdrop and photo prop set and share your memories.

Another simple fix? Head over to Party America’s wedding aisle, yep, wedding.
Grab some tissue paper wedding lanterns/bells, add some construction paper eyes, drape with cheesecloth and, boom! Little ghosts are now guests at your party. When you head to the back of the store to grab your plates and napkins, get some extra table covers and use them as backdrops or extra bunting accents. Have some smaller round tables? 1 white or orange table cover + some black construction eyes and you have a table that doubles as décor!

As you peruse the aisles, toss a fake pumpkin, a witch’s hat and some faux leaves in your cart. Turn the pumpkin on its side (the stem is now a nose), add the leaves for some hair and top with the hat for an easy witch. A fog machine, inflatable decor or spooky lights will set a memorable scene now and for years to come. With all the fun items to choose from at Party America, there will be no shortage of easy accents to make your home Trick or Treat ready!

Now for the boo-ffet. Mummify your beverages! Grab a tub and wrap it with crepe paper, throw on a couple eyes. Now a Mummy is keeping all those drinks cool. Make the ice in the tub (and for your drinks) a little spookier by grab some plastic spiders and freeze them in your ice cube trays. Don’t forget to pick up your favorite “Mr. Bones” decor, but instead of propping him up outside, lay him on one of your serving trays and turn your charcuterie to char-boo-terie and fill him with your meat and cheese spread for a ghoulish buffet centerpiece.

Sweets should get the scare treatment too, right? Jump on the “naked” cake trend and serve a chocolate pumpkin cake on a simple cake stand to set it apart from other sweet offerings. Make it easy and grab a few different sized bowls and fill with treats! If the grown ups want a little treat too, try making a Candy Corn cocktail concoction. Many easy and fun themed cocktail recipes are available online.

Best part is… you can walk through Party America and get everything from fun (and scary) decorations for every corner of your home. Grab accents like balloons, fun little tricks and all you could need to display and serve your treats as well as a costume to make sure you’re the host/hostess with the most/mostess. Grab a veil and tiara and get your Duchess of Sussex on or pick up a magic wand and cape and enroll at Hogwarts. DIY anything you could possibly think up by choosing from aisles and aisles of accessories like hats, wigs, props and, if you really want to commit, some face paint and just go crazy! Not feeling particularly creative? No worries, Party America has everything from Ghostbusters to Hocus Pocus and everything in between. Simply make your pick, tell a Party America associate the number of your choice, try it on and go! Go to www.parkerparty.com to browse all the options!

From decorations to tableware, treats to tricks – Party America is a one stop shop for everything you need for every holiday and special occasion! The owners and staff are committed to giving personalized service to every trick or treater or party host and help them create a one of a kind Halloween experience.

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