Mayor Stephen D. Hogan

Steve Hogan honorably served as Mayor of Aurora from 2011 until his passing on May 13th, at the age of 69, after bravely battling cancer. Before his time as mayor, Hogan served for 24 years on the Aurora City Council after first being elected in 1979. Prior to serving as a Councilmember, Mayor Hogan served as a Colorado State Representative. He was an integral part of helping his city adapt to the major growth that has occurred during his tenure of public office, with one of his greatest accomplishments being a part of the development of E-470 in the late 80’s. In the aftermath of the Aurora theater shooting, Mayor Hogan was an integral part in the community taking steps towards healing. He met with survivors’ and victims’ families and championed the efforts to build the permanent 7/20 memorial. Governor Hickenlooper called Mayor Hogan his “other half” after the shooting, a “rock of Gibraltar.” He remained steadfast and a constant source of comfort for the families of the victims, the survivors and the first responders. With the dedication of “Ascentiate” on July 27th, the foundation and the community honor Mayor Hogan as well.

“Mayor Stephen D. Hogan, you are the heart of Aurora and we will feel your arms around us as we walk among the gardens.”

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