Local Business Spotlight: Brian Johnson Photography

Brian Johnson Photo
Aurora, Colorado

Brian Johnson Photo is a husband and wife team who are dedicated to giving back to their community. They specialize in portrait photography, including Senior Pictures, Business Headshots, and Special Needs photos of any kind; as well as in Commercial Photography, and Event or Documentation. They believe that memories are some of the most valuable treasures in life, and they are here to help capture those moments. They are honored to be able to give back, through photography and graphic design, to non-profits such as Special Olympics Colorado, T.A.C.T., and The Honor Network, and to all law enforcement, military, and first responders.

They are dedicated to ensuring people with special needs and disabilities are able to take advantage of portrait photography, whether it is through family sessions, senior pictures, or something else. They have both been trained to work with people with disabilities, and have both worked with people with disabilities as parts of their professions. They understand the difficulties and stressors that can come from something as seemingly simple as photos, and they are prepared to work with the families to ensure everyone has an incredible experience!

Brian was inspired to begin a photography company after war injuries caused massive memory loss. To help document and memorialize life, Brian started to take pictures. This simple concept had a significant impact on him; when he would look back at pictures he would not recall the moment, but he was able to know that it was something he experienced because he could see himself in the photo. Because Brian has personally experienced how photos can help him keep his own memories alive, he wants to ensure that other people never forget major milestones in their own lives.

For Brian and his wife, what they love most about owning their own business and really enjoy is the ability to give back. “As business owners we get to decide if and when we take time away to give back, and we have the chance to determine if and what is donated, and to which organization. We are fortunate and have been able to donate over $100,000 in photographic services to nonprofits. We love giving back to our community and working to make it a better place.” So much so in fact, their best piece of advice for local business owners is more about giving back than anything else. “Align yourself with a non-profit you believe in. Find something you are passionate about and find a way to benefit that non-profit and our community.”

Whether you have an extra special subject or event coming up or you’re just ready for some amazing new family or senior photos, consider working with Brian Johnson Photo to create something truly special. Be sure to check out their custom posters. They are not just any custom posters, but truly cinematic posters. They enjoy turning your image into a cinematic movie poster, and hey base these posters on you; making sure the poster is inspired by you!

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