Get A Sweet Beard for No-Shave-November

It’s that time of year…when men of all ages put aside their razor and let their beard grow in honor of “no-shave-November” and embrace their inner lumber-jack. This annual beard tradition has origins that are a bit scruffy. Some use this opportunity to raise awareness and money for men’s health issues, specifically prostate cancer, while others believe this hairy right began as a protest of college aged men who didn’t shave during mid-terms. Whatever the reason may be, here are some tips on growing a man mane that your friends will be envious of and you would be proud to display.

First off you must understand that your facial hair is not the same as your head hair. Body hair is also called Androgenic hair. It is very different from the hair on your head and vellus hair, which are much finer and lighter in color. Androgenic hair is very much associated with levels of male hormones in your system. Because of this, typically men have more androgenic hair than women. Also, your beard hair tends to be much thicker and have a courser texture than the hair on your head. In addition, the growth cycles between active growth and dormancy of facial hair are much further apart. This is why your beard hair will never grow as fast or long as your head hair. The only things that affect these cycles of growth are your genetics and how much testosterone you have in your system.

Most men who choose to not grow facial hair state that because of the “itch” associated with growing a beard they decide not to. The itch comes into play twice when growing a beard. It first arrives when you start to grow your beard out and the hair is pushing out of the follicles. This sensation is often described as itch. The second time is when the hair is long enough to “poke” back around at your skin. One simple remedy to eliminate or significantly reduce beard itch is to make sure and use good high quality beard oil (Extraordinary Beards is a favorite of ours) from day one. This keeps the hair softer and helps to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.
One of the most important factors for growth has nothing to do with your beard. Plain and simple, be healthy! Beard growth is a metabolic process, so if you are pounding your body with bad food, smoking, no exercise, etc. then your beard will respond (or not respond) to how your body is. Your rate of hair growth is pre-set by your genetics so if you want to grow at that level then you need to give your body everything it needs to be healthy. Cut out the cigarettes and start exercising.

By far the most important aspect is time. Give it time, don’t give up. Your beard will grow and as long as you keep it healthy with beard oils and balms and keep your body healthy then nature will do what it does best and you will have a hair hedge to be proud of come November. Besides, your lady friend will appreciate your dedication and commitment, which are traits you should be proud of.

If you are blessed with a very active growth beard then make sure you keep it neat and clean as it grows. Oil it up at least once a day and use a good wood comb to help train your beard and evenly distribute the beard oil. Plastic combs are a no no, so stay away from them. Most plastic combs are injection molded and under a microscope you can see that the teeth have barbs and cracks that will grab your hair and pull it out. Natural wood combs avoid this and help provide a good look when used.

With some basic prep, good quality beard oil conditioners and patience you will impress your friends this November with a healthy hedge on your face. Who knows, come December you may decide to keep your furry friend and grow it out for another year and fully realize the respect and admiration that comes from having an epic beard!

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