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Get Bald, Fight Cancer, Be Awesome! Cancer sucks. Sorry for such strong language, but I don’t know any other way to put it. Cancer just plain and simply sucks. Especially if the person battling this awful disease is a child. Not only is it scary to fight this battle, but kids also have to undergo […]

Experience South Aurora

to-do Cub Club Southlands Mall has something for everyone, even the littlest visitors! The Cub Club, for kids ages 3-10, is a free membership that allows your child to participate in special monthly events and activities. Each month, Cub Club members receive the club’s newsletter and each year on their birthday, members get their very […]

Kids Party

Kids Party Are you ready to PAR-TAY! Planning a kids’ party can sometimes be a daunting task. With so many options of what to do and where to go, we thought we would help out a bit so that you can have the most awesome-est party ever for your kids. We’ve prepared a list of […]

Kids Menu

Kids Menu Discounted and Free Kids Meals Most parents would agree that it’s important, no matter what is going on throughout the day, when families sit down and eat dinner together. If you can swing a night out together, that’s even better because no one is getting stuck with loading the dishwasher! To sweeten the […]

Text Neck and Blackberry® Thumbs

Text Neck and Blackberry® Thumbs A Common Complaint in Our Kids By Dr. Rebecca Hoeck, PT, DPT Several years ago, “Text Neck and Blackberry® Thumbs” were nonexistent, but these complaints are becoming more common in our kids as they hunch over smartphones and tablets. Neck pain, headaches, lower back pain, hand and thumb pain […]

Local Author Spotlight

MY LOVED ONE SHINES ON! A GIFT FROM BEYOND By Disa Van Orman & Dylan Skye Goedeker “Oh, you are wrong if you think I’m gone, I am right there in your favorite song…” is how their new adventure began. Grandmother and Grandson. Gebra and Buffalo Boy. Disa and Dylan. A poem is given to […]